Greville Lodge 4773

A Masonic Lodge in Warwick, United Kingdom

Alderson House, 23 High Street, Warwick, England, CV34 4AX

A Masonic Lodge of Freemasons


Greville Lodge 4773 is a Masonic lodge that has a rich history dating back to 1925. The Lodge was founded by a warrant from The United Grand Lodge of England.

About Us

Greville Lodge No 4773 is a Masonic Lodge in the centre of Warwick and the province of Warwickshire, warranted by The United Grand Lodge of England. It is a progressive, happy, welcoming and growing Lodge with a reputation for some of the best ceremonial and ritual in Warwickshire.

The Lodge holds a special place in the Masonic community as it was consecrated in the Great Hall of the magnificent Warwick Castle.

Our Lodge has a tradition of meeting regularly, during which we engage in the various rituals and customs that are associated with Freemasonry. We take pride in our community and enjoy the opportunity to bond and learn from each other. As a welcoming and inclusive lodge, we always embrace visitors with open arms and treat them with the fraternal respect that is synonymous with our order.

Our doors are always open to those who seek to learn more about our Lodge and what we stand for.

Why Choose Us


As one of the oldest social organisations in the world Freemasonry is open to people from all religions and political persuasions.


Freemasonry brings people together irrespective of their race, religion or any other perceived differences.


Freemasons focus on building themselves as people of integrity and encourages strong moral principles.


Kindness and charitable giving are deeply ingrained within the principles of Freemasonry.

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Greville Lodge meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month from September to April (excluding December)

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