Greville Lodge 4773

A Masonic Lodge in Warwick, United Kingdom

Alderson House, 23 High Street, Warwick, England, CV34 4AX

Officers of The Lodge

Greville Lodge No. 4773


This is the first office held in the Lodge. the Stewards’ main function is to assist at the festive board (dinner following the meeting). The stewards collect any dining fees and ensures that all visiting brethren and catered for. The Chief Steward, although not an official office, is the most senior Steward and is responsible for preparing the table plan each month, liaising with the rooms manager and organising the other stewards. He should attend the Lodge committee meetings to ensure all preparations are in order for the festive board. Assistant Secretary (AS) The next progressive office in The Lodge of Unity is that of Assistant Secretary. This is one of the most relaxing positions and requires little preparation. At each meeting the Assistant Secretary is required to read an antient charge and bye-law. By the end of the year he will have read all the charges and bye-laws. He also reads an antient minute at each meeting.

Inner Guard (IG)

The Inner Guard sits just inside the door of the Lodge. He is responsible for checking that all those who enter the Lodge and qualified to do so.

Junior and Senior Deacons (JD & SD)

The Deacons accompany the candidate during the ceremonies of the three degrees in the Lodge. The collar jewel for both deacons is identical. They carry a wand as a badge of their office.

Junior and Senior Wardens (JW & SW)

The Senior Warden sits opposite the Master at the West end of the Lodge and is usually the next Master. The Junior Warden sits in the South to ensure that no unqualified person enters the Lodge. Although their roles are different, they work together by assisting the Master in running the Lodge.

The Worshipful Master (WM)

Greville Lodge's membership comprises men from all backgrounds and ages, with the many masons visiting us from other Lodges acknowledging that we are a very friendly Lodge.

The Immediate Past Master (IPM)

Although not actually an office (as the position is his by right), the IPM is normally the previous Master and acts as a guide and support to the Master when needed. He sits on the immediate left of the Worshipful Master and acts as ‘prompt’ for the Lodge. He is the only members with an open ritual book during ceremonies.


All meetings begin and end with prayer and it is the role of the Lodge Chaplain to lead the members in this part of the meeting.


The Treasurer is responsible for Lodge finances. He produces annual accounts, which are audited before being approved by the Lodge. Subscriptions are decided in Lodge on the Treasurer’s recommendatio


The Secretary has responsibility for the smooth administration of the Lodge. He is the main conduit for communication from Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge. He is also responsible for organising and distributing the summons which notifies the members of the agenda for the next meeting. He also keeps minutes of each meeting and reads the minutes from the previous meeting in open Lodge.

Director of Ceremonies (DC)

The role of the DC is to organise and oversee the ceremonies held in the Lodge and to ensure all other officers concerned in any ritual are aware of their roles. This is usually achieved by meticulous rehearsals. It is also part of his responsibilities to see that the ceremonies are conducted with dignity and decorum and, in conjunction with the Tyler, see the Lodge is correctly prepared.


The Almoner is the Lodge welfare officers. He maintains contact with the widows and dependants of members and with those who are ill or indisposed. He is also trained to assist those who are in financial need. He therefore has knowledge of the variety of resources that exist in time of need.


The Lodge Mentor co-ordinates support for each new brother as they are initiated into the Lodge and throughout their Masonic career. It is his duty to promote the Masonic development of the brethren within the Lodge by appointing a more experienced brother to guide and support both new masons, and those taking office, as their Personal mentor. By doing this he will help to lay that solid foundation which is a essential part in helping them to understand and enjoy their Freemasonry.

Membership Officer

The Lodge Membership officer will liaise with potential new lodge members and work with the lodge Mentor to ensure existing members receive any assistance they may require.

Communications Officer

The Lodge Communications officer is responsible for establishing and maintaining the lodges online presence and links with local media. The role also involves keeping members up to date with lodge news and information which may not be in the Secretaries remit.

Charity Steward

The role of Charity Steward is to organise the charity collections in the Lodge and to suggest to the Lodge to which charities (Masonic and non-Masonic) the members may wish to subscribe.

Assistant Director of Ceremonies (ADC)

The role of the ADC is to assist and to understudy the Director or Ceremonies in his office.


This is an elected office and in the Lodge of Unity the office of Tyler is normally the previous years Immediate Past Master. The Tyler, in conjunction with the DC, prepares the Lodge before meetings and puts the Lodge furniture away afterwards. He guards the outside of the door to the entrance of the Lodge. He has responsibility for preparing the candidates prior to their entering the Lodge.


The Organist’s role is to provide the music for the meetings and ceremonies.